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Mahout with elephant mother and calf

Improving welfare of captive elephants and safety of their handlers, by constructive collaboration and scientific knowledge.

We have pioneered this approach since 2005, first by bringing improvements to elephant training in Nepal. Read more

We now get requests for help from several Asian countries, and are looking for further donors and funding agencies to be able to respond to them. One of the key areas in need is to increase availability of information on how to keep elephants in better health, such as preventing common causes of chronic pain.


There are approximately 15,000 elephants in captivity, mainly in Asia. Nearly all are managed by the "breaking-the-will" approach. Chronic health problems in elephants are also common. The resulting aggressive attacks at people claim dozens of lives each year.

Many owners and handlers are troubled by the situation. However, for nearly all of them, this is the only management system they have been taught, and the only one they know.

Mahout with elephant in Chitwan, Nepal


We provide advice and vocational training for elephant owners, handlers, managers and authorities. Topics cover animal-friendly methods of elephant training, handling and care, as well as an increased understanding of the behaviour and needs of elephants.

Our people are experienced professionals in animal behaviour science, animal training, veterinary medicine, development cooperation and other relevant fields.

Constructive collaboration with local stakeholders is key to all our work.
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